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I work mostly with clinical trials that collect health data from individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder and related disorders. …

We typically think about different mental disorders as distinct conditions, which each requires its own treatment strategies and has …

We have just published a new article, describing the pilot trial of internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy for body dysmorphic …

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. Effect of Internet-Based vs Face-to-Face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial. In JAMA Network Open, 2022.

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. Validity and reliability of the diagnostic codes for hypochondriasis and dysmorphophobia in the Swedish National Patient Register: a retrospective chart review. In BMJ Open, 2021.


. Cost-effectiveness of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy for body dysmorphic disorder: results from a randomised controlled trial. In medRxiv, 2021.

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. Executive functioning in Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. In CNS Spectrums, 2021.

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. Subjective mental health and need for care among psychiatric outpatients during the COVID-19 pandemic: results from an outreach initiative in Sweden. In Psych Res, 2021.

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. Swedish nationwide time series analysis of influenza and suicide deaths from 1910 to 1978. In BMJ Open, 2021.

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. Predicting remission after internet-delivered psychotherapy in patients with depression using machine learning and multi-modal data. In medRxiv, 2021.


. Empirically defining treatment response and remission in body dysmorphic disorder using a short self-report instrument. In Beh. Ther., 2020.

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. Predictors of remission from body dysmorphic disorder after internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy: a machine learning approach. In BMC Psychiatry, 2020.

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