AI-generated content will flood the internet and will drown out any signal in an onslaught of noise

Date created: 2023-01-12

Innovations like ChatGPT and image-generators like DALL-E means that it’s now possible to generate an infinite number of articles, emails, blog posts and tweets that are hard or impossible to distinguish from human-generated things.

Since these models are trained on what’s already on the internet like SEO-optimised fluff, they will sound like that.

We’re on the brink of having an even worse Signal versus noise ratio on the Internet when trying to find information.

Many people will say we already live in this reality. We’ve already become skilled at sifting through unhelpful piles of “optimised content” designed to gather clicks and advertising impressions.

But I think the sheer volume and scale of what’s coming will be meaningfully different. And I think we’re unprepared. Or at least, I am.

For ourselves, we will have to prove we are not bots and AI! It’s the reverse Turing test.