Academia in its worst form leads to turf wars with little real-world relevance

Date created: 2022-08-31

So this is why it will be important for me to focus on learning about and solving the most important problems. Otherwise I’ll end up in pointless h-index bean counting.

When your main goal as an academic is to learn about and solve the most important problems, publications and other activities are byproducts

Gradually, over the next few years, I got the lay of the professional terrain I’d entered into. It was marked not only by a relentless animus against the works of the past (and the “dead white men” who wrote them), but by a constant effort to enlist them in contemporary battles; by an enthrallment with jargon, a commitment to verbal opacity, and a suspicion of clear, conversational prose; by intellectual dishonesty and flabbiness and sloppiness, all implicitly excused by the alleged rightness of the cause; by an adolescent sense of moral superiority; by a pervasive atmosphere of ideological surveillance.