From Andy Matuschak: Evergreen notes are written and organized to evolve, contribute, and accumulate over time, across projects. Andy recommends that they are concept-oriented and the structure that I create does not have to match the original structure.

  1. Make fleeting notes – rough ideas captured on a piece of paper or in an ideas file.
  2. Make literature notes – from anything you read, watch, or listen to. Make notes of thoughts or ideas that resonate with you or sound interesting. Keep it concise and use your own words.
  3. Make permanent or “Evergreen Notes ” – these go into the “slip-box”
    • go through the notes from step one and two
    • think about how they relate to what is relevant to your own thoughts or ideas
    • write one note for each idea – like an atomic note
    • write as if you were writing for someone else.
    • use full sentences.
  4. Organize
    • throw away fleeting notes and add literature notes to your reference system.
    • make links to related permanent notes in your slip box


Andy Matuschak notes taking strategy site