Hemingway bridge

Date created: 2022-07-06

It is said that Hemingway always finished his writing sessions at a point when he knew what was going to happen next. This meant that, when he sat down to write again, he was already excited about continuing the story and would not get stuck.

This can be applied to any type of knowledge work, and is a great way to get unstuck even if you only come back to the project much later.

Write down ideas for next steps: At the end of a work session, write down what you think the next steps could be for the next one. Write down the current status: This could include your current biggest challenge, most important open question, or future roadblocks you expect. Write down any details you have in mind that are likely to be forgotten once you step away: Such as details about the characters in your story, the pitfalls of the event you’re planning, or the subtle considerations of the product you’re designing. Write out your intention for the next work session: Set an intention for what you plan on tackling next, the problem you intend to solve, or a certain milestone you want to reach. (Location 2310)