Knowledge work contains building blocks that can be used in multiple projects

Date created: 2022-07-06

My own R code is a great example, since I often go back to old projects and grab some code for a new one. Right now I have a manageable amount but it’s probably a good idea to create some sort of index file where I list techniques used in various papers.

How to apply this to writing? Having atomic note with Propositional titles help linking atomic notes together could be one idea, I’ve also tried the “example citation” section.

Thiago Forte talks about Intermediate packets in his book Building a Second Brain.

Our time and attention are scarce, and it’s time we treated the things we invest in—reports, deliverables, plans, pieces of writing, graphics, slides—as knowledge assets that can be reused instead of reproducing them from scratch. (Location 1882)

eventually you’ll have so many IPs at your disposal that you can execute entire projects just by assembling previously created IPs. This is a magical experience that will completely change how you view productivity. (Location 1910)