Note capture should focus on what resonates

Date created: 2022-07-06

Rather than trying to copy/paste text from Wikipedia, write things in your own words and record only what resonates. You can always look up the facts!

Beacuse The value in any piece of content is not evenly distributed, focus on the bits that you find the most useful and capture those. How do you know? Surprise can be a good signal.

We need to adopt the perspective of a curator, stepping back from the raging river and starting to make intentional decisions about what information we want to fill our minds. (Location 559)

By training ourselves to notice when something resonates with us, we can improve not only our ability to take better notes, but also our understanding of ourselves and what makes us tick. It is a way of turning up the volume on our intuition so we can hear the wisdom it offers us. (Location 571)