Second brain

Building a Second Brain is a book by Thiago Forte, who also uses the PARA system for organizing your life, a method for Personal Knowledge Management.

There’s a nice youtube-video that discusses the 10 principles of building a second brain.

Here’s a nice visual guide

Borrowed Creativity

Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it’s about remixing things that already exist. You combine and tweak things in your own way, and that is creative output.

The capture habit

Off-load your working memory by recording things in a separate system.

Idea recycling

Ideas are not single-use, instead we use them over and over again in different projects.

Projects over categories

Don’t obsess over categories, instead try to associate the things that you capture to ongoing projects.

Slow burn vs heavy lifts

Heavy lifting means doing very focused and isolated work during a short time-span. Slow burns are projects that occur over a longer time and on a slow-burner. You gather things over time.

Start with abundance

We tend to start from a blank page with our creative output. However, by collecting things in something like a second brain, whenever we output something we’ll be able to draw from a vast library of things you have gathered over time.

Intermediate packets You can break down creative outputs in smaller content blocks, and re-use individual blocks in different contexts.

You only know what you make

Basically the Feynman technique

Make it easier for your future self

Provide enough context and information so that you are able to follow along later when you’ve forgotten the concept.

Keep your ideas moving

Don’t fall into the trap of perfecting your system FIRST, then creating output. Just get moving and work things out as you go along.