Key takeaways


  • Our companies ran at higher velocity, with higher standards and a narrower focus than most. Going faster, maintaining higher standards and with a narrower aperture. Sounds simple? The question is how you go about amping up your organization. How much faster do you run? How much higher are your standards? How hard do you focus? It is a performance ‘triad’ because they amplify each other. The compound effect can be electrifying. (View Highlight)
    • Note: What are our metrics of velocity, standards and focus within academia?
  • I rarely encountered a team that employed too narrow an aperture. It goes against our human grain. People like to boil oceans. Just knowing that can be to your advantage. (View Highlight)
  • Focus is hard once you understand what that means. What are you not going to do? (View Highlight)
    • Note: Essentialism, saying no to good opportunities to focus on the few great ones.