Why and when I was reading this

Key takeaways

  • one
  • two
  • three

Advantages of a Zettelkasten

  • It allows you to link notes together and connect ideas
  • You can use notes for multiple projects, even if it’s not instantly useful in a current project it can still have value down the road

Each note has a fixed address

The fixed address of each note is the alpha and omega of the world of Zettelkasten. Everything becomes possible because of it.

One note = one idea

Notes need to be atomic, they contain “one idea and one idea only”

The notes contain:

  1. A unique identifier
  2. Body text, i.e. the piece of knowledge. USE YOUR OWN WORDS
  3. References

What to write about?

This depends on your current projects and deadlines. You can choose to be more stringent if you need to focus on a specific projects, but allow yourself to stray a little bit. It might result in byproducts.

Best practices of linking notes

Include an explanation why you are linking the note, be kind to your future self that discovers the note and it’s links.