Key takeaways

  • Most users of an early to-do app completed their tasks within a day of writing them down. So why even bother writing them down?
  • Most office tasks have well-defined software options (word/google docs for writing a doucment), but not to-dos.
  • Not even the most bespoke to-do app will help if procrastination is the root cause

Nobody opens Google Docs of PowerPoint thinking ‘This will make me a better person.’ But with to-do apps, that ambition is front and center.

With to-do apps, we are attempting nothing less than to craft a superior version of ourselves. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that when we fail, the moods run so black.

This is what makes to-do software unique. The majority of tools we use in our jobs are about communicating with someone else. All that messaging, all those Google docs, all that email—it’s about talking to other people, documenting things for them, trying to persuade them. But a to-do list is, ultimately, nothing more or less than an attempt to persuade yourself.