Want a More Productive Morning Routine? “Pay” Yourself First

Why and when I was reading this

Key takeaways

  • David Bach’s advice on personal finance (pay yourself first) means putting away savings before paying other things.
  • The author generalizes this to work in general, adding a few “non-negotiables” at the start of their day: brewing nice coffee and going for a walk with their dog
  • Seems similar to Deep work in that you don’t check input stuff first thing but rather do important things.

The flexibility of remote work blurred the lines between work and life. I ended up prioritizing the needs of my clients, teammates, and bosses, without giving much thought to what I needed to feel my best. He recommends setting up an automated system to set money aside for your investments or other savings goals first — then come back to pay everyone else. You need to set up your own systems to make sure you pay yourself. No one else is going to do it for you.