The perks of living without social media

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Key takeaways

  • More boredom:
    • When you are not always distracted by your phone, there will be moments of boredom where you have a chance to reflect on your life and daydream. This is relaxation for your brain.
    • You’ll be pushed to do more high quality leisure activities. Reading, walking, exercising, picking up a new hobby etc. The phone interrupts that engagement.
  • Lower anxiety:
    • You are not overloaded by constant input.
    • Social media tends to promote negative material and content that triggers outrage. Your worldview will be negatively skewed. TWITTER
    • Carefully curated content of the perfect life highlights will induce unreasonable comparisons. INSTAGRAM
  • Privacy: You’re not encouraged to always have thoughts and opinions, and produce content. Depth over width is the path forward for content creators
  • You’ll be more humble since social media platforms make you feel that the world revolves around you, inflates your ego.