What I learned Taking a Year-Long Break from Social Media

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Key takeaways

  • Social media was his “mental crutch”, tabbing out to scroll and consume when he was faced with a hard task. Very relatable!
  • One big motivation was that he just wanted to see what adult life was like without constant social media presence and checking
  • He has an interesting take on the value of being “embedded” in a network of people in a similar line of work: When you are just starting out, it’s very helpful to read about tips and ideas from your colleagues. But as you become more experienced, there is less value in reading tactics that you already know and more value in getting ideas from other fields and areas. I can very much relate to this. Cross-pollination of ideas becomes more important once you’ve got the basics covered.
  • He took a digital minimalist approach after his year break, and decided to publish his newsletter articles on LinkedIn

What I’ve given up in easy social media distribution, I’ve regained in focused strategy, greater productivity, and (I believe) better value for my clients.