Why I’m against empathy


Key takeaways

  • He argues that empathy is victim to all the regular human biases. We tend to feel empathy for those that are similar to us.
  • We have moral capacities that are better than empathy
  • His suggestion is that we let Rational Compassion guide us instead
    • Rationality: If I am going to help someone, I better think about the best way to do so
    • Compassion: Love, caring.

If we could reconfigure our moral attitudes to be less biased, less parochial, more with our head and less with our heart, we would do better.


  • Sometimes what we want from people isn’t a mirror of us, it’s rather, another intelligent, caring, loving person responding to us as a distinct being, and working to make our life better. And I think, sometimes, empathy is exactly what we do not want.