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  • Date read: 2023-03-28
  • Subject: Suicide
  • Bibtex: @bakian2023
  • Bibliography: Bakian, A. V., Chen, D., Zhang, C., Hanson, H. A., Docherty, A. R., Keeshin, B., Gray, D., Smith, K. R., VanDerslice, J. A., Yu, D. Z., Zhang, Y., & Coon, H. (2023). A population-wide analysis of the familial risk of suicide in Utah, USA. Psychological Medicine, 53(4), 1448–1457. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0033291721003020

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The familial risk of suicide may be particularly high for female first-degree relatives of suicide probands

Key takeaways

  • 12 160 suicides between 1904 to 2014. Relatives of suicide probands n = 13 480 122
  • First degree female relatives of female suicide probands had a particularly high risk: HR = 6.99 in mothers, HR = 6.39 in sisters and HR = 5.65 in daughters.

Elevated familial suicide risk in relatives of female and younger suicide probands suggests that there are unique risk groups to which prevention efforts should be directed namely suicidal young adults and women with a strong family history of suicide.