• Type:#article
  • Year read:#read2022
  • Subject: OCD Y-BOCS Psychometrics
  • Bibtex: @cervin2022
  • Bibliography: Cervin, M., OCD Severity Benchmark Consortium, Arumugham, S. S., Lochner, C., Cervin, O., Crowley, J. J., do Rosário, M. C., Jaisoorya, T. S., Batistuzzo, M. C., Wallert, J., de Mathis, M. A., Balachander, S., Goodman, W. K., Costa, D. L. C., de Schipper, E., Wilhelm, S., Palo, A., Narayanaswamy, J. C., Shavitt, R. G., … Mataix‐Cols, D. (2022). Empirical severity benchmarks for obsessive‐compulsive disorder across the lifespan. World Psychiatry, 21(2), 315–316. https://doi.org/10.1002/wps.20984

Example citation

Current severity benchmarks of OCD severity on the Y-BOCS are sublinical OCD (0-13 points), mild OCD (14-21 points), moderate OCD (22-29 points) and severe OCD (30-40) [@cervin2022].

Key takeaways

  • Data from Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, US, and India (external data). Total n except India = 3784
  • 80/20 split of n = 3784, and external validation on India data (n = 1356)
  • Moderate accuracy for severity benchmarks on holdout (57%) and external (55%) datasets

In summary, we provide the field with empirically derived Y-BOCS severity benchmarks across the lifespan which will be useful in research and clinical settings (subclinical OCD: 0-13 points; mild OCD: 14-21 points; moderate OCD: 22-29 points; severe OCD: 30-40 points).