Chetty2022 - Social capital I, measurement and associations with economic mobility

  • Type:#article
  • Date read: 2022-08-17
  • Subject: Economic mobility, social capital
  • Bibtex: @chetty2022
  • Bibliography: Chetty, R., Jackson, M. O., Kuchler, T., Stroebel, J., Hendren, N., Fluegge, R. B., Gong, S., Gonzalez, F., Grondin, A., Jacob, M., Johnston, D., Koenen, M., Laguna-Muggenburg, E., Mudekereza, F., Rutter, T., Thor, N., Townsend, W., Zhang, R., Bailey, M., … Wernerfelt, N. (2022). Social capital I: Measurement and associations with economic mobility. Nature, 608(7921), 108–121.

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Key takeaways

  • Having more friends with high socioeconomic status is a strong indicator of upward economic mobility. Economic connectedness.
  • Income increase of 20% for children with low SES that move into counties with high economic connectedness.

The share of high-SES friends among individuals with low SES—which we term economic connectedness—is among the strongest predictors of upward income mobility identified to date