Clark2011 - Implementing NICE guidelines for the psychological treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, The IAPT experience

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The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme used NICE-guidelines as a basis to implement a new type of service in the NHS, by training therapists in the use of evidence-based treatment protocols for depression and anxiety disorders [@clark2011].

The IAPT services operate in a stepped-care model where patients are first offered low-intensity treatments such as guided self-help , with the option to step up to more intense face-to-face treatment if needed [@clark2011].

Key takeaways

  • The training programme for PWPs means one day/week with classes and the rest of the time spent at a service doing treatment. For high-intensity CBT therapists it means two days/week with classes. Both training programmes are approx 1 year.
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