Cooper2022 - How technology can enhance treatment, A scoping review of clinical interventions for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders

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  • Year read:#read2022
  • Subject: OCD ICBT
  • Bibtex: @cooper2022
  • Bibliography: Cooper, D., Champion, S. M., Stavropoulos, L., & Grisham, J. R. (2022). How technology can enhance treatment: A scoping review of clinical interventions for anxiety and obsessive‐compulsive spectrum disorders. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 61(S1), 8–30.

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Key takeaways

  • “Interventions that had integrated technology into clinical contexts to enhance treatment for anxiety and OC-spectrum disorders.”
  • k = 117
  • Not a meta-analysis of ICBT per se but tech as supplement to F2F therapy
  • For OCD: Half used videoconfering, no VR.

First, what emerging innovations in treating anxiety and OC-spectrum disorders hold promise for clinical use? Second, what can researchers do to strengthen the evidence base for implementation?

Their recommendations

  1. Target a known problem in treatment. Focus on therapy processes rather than technology-for-disorder approach
  2. How can tech be used to do more than act as a substitute for existing CBT components? For example, gamified skills practice, biofeedback
  3. Report more than symptom change, like acceptability and cost
  4. Use existing tech where possible