Craske2022 - The future of CBT and evidence-based psychotherapies is promising

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  • Date read: 2022-09-27
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  • Bibtex: @craske2022
  • Bibliography: Craske, M. G. (2022). The future of CBT and evidence-based psychotherapies is promising. World Psychiatry, 21(3), 417–419.

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Key takeaways

  • What we need in the future of CBT
    • More mechanistically targeted interventions
    • Personalized or matched to individuals
    • Scaled with fidelity by harnessing technology

She references a NIMH emphasis on experimental therapeutics for clinical trials, and a Wellcome Trust initiative “Finding the next generation of mental health treatments and approaches”. Could be nice fodder in my own grant applications!

Mechanistically targeted and personalized intervention elements that are matched to individual needs and adapted as needs change over time, delivered digitally or by clinicians, that can be scaled up through online tools and artificial intelligence technologies, offer a future in which delivery of evidence-based care will reduce the global disease burden of mental health by more than 40%.