• Type:#article
  • Year read:#read2022
  • Subject: ICBT
  • Bibtex: @fonagy2021
  • Bibliography: Fonagy, P., & Luyten, P. (2021). Socioeconomic and sociocultural factors affecting access to psychotherapies: The way forward. World Psychiatry, 20(3), 315–316. https://doi.org/10.1002/wps.20911

Example citation

Ethnic minority groups and economically marginalized groups may not benefit from current psychotherapy options to the same extent as WEIRD individuals [@fonagy2021].

Key takeaways

  • Economic: in many countries only private practice psychologists and psychiatrists pratice CBT
  • Minority groups may not be able to use the digital therapies, digital and language skills
  • Attitudes differ. Suspicion about treatments predicts dropout (REF 4)
  • Highly resourceful individuals focus on themselves as agents, while marginalized individuals emphasize the community.

Their solutions:

  • Pure self-help can help
  • Task sharing and local therapists
  • Cultural competence among therapists