• Bibtex: @husky2017
  • Bibliography: Husky, M., Swendsen, J., Ionita, A., Jaussent, I., Genty, C., & Courtet, P. (2017). Predictors of daily life suicidal ideation in adults recently discharged after a serious suicide attempt: A pilot study. Psychiatry Research, 256, 79–84. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.psychres.2017.06.035

Example citation

Being alone, at home, and passive leisure correlated with increased suicidal ideation in patients recently discharged from inpatient care after a suicide attempt

Key takeaways

  • n = 42, individuals hospitalized for a suicide attempt
  • 7 days EMA after hospital discharge
  • Increase in suicidal ideation: being at home or at work
  • Decrease in suicidal ideation: being in the home of close others, being in a festive or leisure environment
  • They basically just made a huge regression with all the factors.