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The mean level and variability of suicidal ideation identified subgroups of individuals with a previous suicide attempt

Key takeaways

  • The data is the same as in Kleiman2017 - Examination of Real-Time Fluctuations in Suicidal Ideation and Its Risk Factors, Results From Two Ecological Momentary Assessment Studies
  • Their aim was to find distinct phenotypes of suicidal thinking. They used latent profile analysis.
    • frequency/intensity/variability
  • Here again they used the RMSSD technique to get within-individual variability. Also:
    • Mean scores over time
    • Within-person SD
    • Maximum score
    • Percent of prompts with a non-zero score on suicidal thoughts
    • RMSSD
  • After getting the profiles they checked group differences using ANOVA or chi2 for suicide history variables
  • Groups:
    • 1 - low mean, low variability
    • 2 - low mean, moderate variability
    • 3 - moderate mean, high variability
    • 4- high mean, low variability
    • 5 - high mean, high variability

They did analyses in MPlus but there’s an R package called tidyLPA