Nikolova2021 - Perturbations in Gut Microbiota Composition in Psychiatric Disorders

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  • Bibliography: Nikolova, V. L., Smith, M. R. B., Hall, L. J., Cleare, A. J., Stone, J. M., & Young, A. H. (2021). Perturbations in Gut Microbiota Composition in Psychiatric Disorders: A Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Psychiatry.

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Gut microbiota alterations in psychiatric disorders are transdiagnostic rather than diagnosis-specific [@nikolova2021].

Key takeaways

  • Decrease in “microbial richnes” in psychiatric patients compared to control participants (SMD = -0.26, 95% CI -0.47 to -0.02), but only bipolar disorder was consistent among the individual disorders.
  • Transdiagnostic pattern of microbiota signatures rather than disorder specific patterns.
  • This reminds me of the p-factor because there, as well, we see shared rather than disorder-specific patterns.

“This systematic review and meta-analysis found that gut microbiota perturbations were associated with a transdiagnostic pattern with a depletion of certain anti-inflammatory butyrate-producing bacteria and an enrichment of pro-inflammatory bacteria in patients with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety. ”