• Bibtex: @motto2001
  • Bibliography: Motto, J. A., & Bostrom, A. G. (2001). A Randomized Controlled Trial of Postcrisis Suicide Prevention. Psychiatric Services, 52(6), 828–833. https://doi.org/10.1176/appi.ps.52.6.828

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  • Even though they observe a lower rate of suicides in the contact group, these findings are very weak (p = 0.043).
    • 15 (3.9%) vs 21 (4.6%) suicides in the first five years
    • Rates of suicide were higher in the treatment group, e.g. patients who accepted psychiatric treatment post-discharge. 6.2% suicide rate in the first five years after discharge.


PDF: motto_2001_a_randomized_controlled_trial_of_postcrisis_suicide_prevention.pdf