• Bibtex: @waern2022
  • Bibliography: Waern, M., Strömsten, L., Wiktorsson, S., Runeson, B., & Renberg, E. S. (2022). Overlapping Patterns of Suicide Attempts and Non-suicidal Self-Injuries in Adults: A Prospective Clinical Cohort Study. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 83(6). https://doi.org/10.4088/JCP.21m14330

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Individuals who self-harm with fluctuating suicidal intent are at higher risk of subsequent suicide attempts

My notes

  • They compared 1-year outcomes in individuals with NSSI only, NSSI + SA, and SA only (n = 793)
  • Risk of future SA is 3-fold in the mixed NSSI+SA group compared to NSSI only (OR = 3.37, p = .002).
  • The most common psychiatric diagnoses were depressive episode (72%) and anxiety disorder (56%). Over 50% live alone.

Switching between episodes with and without suicidal intent was common in the adult clinical cohort studied, and this pattern was associated with elevated risk of future suicidal behavior.

Our results regarding both previous and subsequent self-harm behaviors underline the fluctuating nature of suicidal intent in adult self-harm.


PDF: waern_2022_overlapping_patterns_of_suicide_attempts_and_non-suicidal_self-injuries_in.pdf