Suicide prevention strategies revisited: 10-year systematic review

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  • Date read: 2023-04-12
  • Bibtex: @zalsman2016
  • Bibliography: Zalsman, G., Hawton, K., Wasserman, D., van Heeringen, K., Arensman, E., Sarchiapone, M., Carli, V., Höschl, C., Barzilay, R., Balazs, J., Purebl, G., Kahn, J. P., Sáiz, P. A., Lipsicas, C. B., Bobes, J., Cozman, D., Hegerl, U., & Zohar, J. (2016). Suicide prevention strategies revisited: 10-year systematic review. The Lancet Psychiatry, 3(7), 646–659.

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My notes

  • Seven interventions
    • Public and physician education
    • Media strategies
    • Screening
    • Restricting access to suicide means
    • Treatments
    • Internet or hotline support
  • “Because the heterogeneity of populations and methodology did not permit formal meta-analysis, we present a narrative analysis”
  • They do a very broad search and include other meta-analyses etc. I think it would be more interesting to look at the primary sources e.g. RCTs


PDF: zalsman_2016_suicide_prevention_strategies_revisited_-_10-year_systematic_review.pdf