I am interested in learning about and using tools to help with modern academic work, and want to share some of my thoughts here. This is basically just a collection of ideas and projects that others have done that make my everyday life easier. I hope that you find something that is useful.

R and RStudio

At the center of these tools are R and RStudio. Many of the workflows and packages are built from RStudio, and while most of them do not require that you use RStudio, the syngery that comes from having RStudio as the nave makes it an easy choice for me. There are similar solutions for other tools like Python.

Reproducible research

So, why do all this? My goals is to do reproducible research. Reproducile research means that you (or someone else) can re-create the results from a project using your files. This means that you will have to use file formats that can easily be opened on any computer, use tools that are accessible (preferably free), and document your research so that another person understands what you have done.